The band

ALBERT has always been in a constant slow pace on its way to maturity. It even took about 3 months of talks in the autumn of 2000 between Christopher and Andreas to find a common ground of two songs (Sweating Bullets and Dark Saga) for when Christopher would come to Greece for a couple of months. In the meantime, while looking for a bass player, Dimitris decided to join forces and dragged along Daniel Klein as a singer to come to Greece and make their first recording attempt (of 3 cover songs), called "Selftitled" in early 2001, with Daniel being too drunk to perform. Sweetened by the bitter taste of their first result, Albert were not put down after Chris left to go back to Belgium and apart from that, soon Pedro took over the guitars. Again with the help of Chris, in early 2003, Albert made their second recording attempt called "Buttlegged", which consisted of 4 cover songs plus a humorous bitching at Thomen from Blind Guardian.

After that, there was a very long period of laziness that followed, which prevented ALBERT from doing anything, until 2006 when Dimitris, Pedro and Andreas decided they were through with being lazy and they needed to make a comeback. With ALBERT maturing even more, it was time to start composing songs. That was right when Apostolis joined the band and things started getting on a different pace. Shortly after, ALBERT met Harry and were finally able to put a voice in their music. That was when things really started changing. Unfortunately, Apostolis obligations prevented him from being able to devote himself to the band, so he had to leave.

Dimitris "Mits" was Apostolis' first replacement but his stay was short lived due to musical differences. The same thing happened with the third lead guitarist, Ilias G, but at least with him, Albert was able to set another milestone of their first live gig, in April 2011. Soon after that, Ilias had to leave country so ALBERT decided to continue as a quartet. But this time, there was plenty of material for their third and more serious recording attempt, which took place in early 2012 but took a lot longer than expected to finish.

So the time has come and their third release, the first with their own material named "Dinner Is Served" is out. What to expect from ALBERT? A taste of old school thrash with a pinch of classic Heavy Metal.

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